Miguel Cotto vs Antonio Margarito II

After the demolishing loss to Margarito the first time Cotto faced him in July 26th 2008, he sets out to avenge it 3 years later and he probably has good cause.

Not long after the Cotto vs Margarito bout Margarito was set to fight Sugar Shane Mosely but as they were in the locker rooms and Mosley’s trainer was observing the wrapping of Margarito’s hands he noticed a piece of gauze fall out of the wraps…..later on found out to be made of plaster. After this exposer of cheating Margarito who was most definitely demoralised by this went on to fight Mosley. Mosley came at him possessed battering Margarito to a pulp getting a stoppage by the late rounds. After the fight Margaritos license was revoked for a year and is now attempting to make his was back.

With this information now it is obvious that Cotto and fight fans are questioning whether or not he had the plaster in the wraps during the Cotto and Margarito bout in 2008. With later on Cotto and his advisors say that a photograph recently obtained was ‘overwhelming” evidence that Antonio Margarito used illegally hardened hand wraps to help him score a technical knockout over the previously unbeaten Cotto. With more questions being raised that the illegal wraps were used in sparring sessions with Rashad Holloway which nearly ended his career due to and eye injury. This could have happened to Cotto, he could have sustained an eye injury that could have ended his very young career. Which should only make this fight more interesting with Cotto definitely going for revenge.  

Set to fight on the 3rd of December, 2011 it has been called the Most Anticipated Rematch in Boxing History. That is for sure, will Cotto avenge his previous loss and prove to himself and fight fans that Margarito was cheating in their bout or will Margarito attempt to dominate the fight and win back respect for his name.       

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